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From a Q2 Fan

We love hearing from Q2 fans! Last week we received the email below from Dave L. who lives in Maryland, and with his permission, we're sharing it with you

I just had to email you folks and say wow! This is one awesome little box. It’s easy to use. I just can’t get over the stations available once you connect the radio up to your computer. It has local stations here in the Maryland-Baltimore-Washington DC area and in all 50 states in the USA and provinces of Canada & Mexico—in fact all regions of the world. I have, for now, Voice of America music stream on side 1, BBC Radio 2 on side 2, Radio Australia Melbourne on side 3, and radio New Zealand Wellington on side 4.
What I love about the Q2 is that I can change the stations any time I choose by simply removing then dragging in a new station to replace it. The sound clarity is superb, and I love that I just tilt forward or back to change the volume and turn to whichever side I am in the mood for that particular day or moment. The headphone jack is perfect for private listening, and the ability to hear podcasts make this little boy really bad ass!
I was concerned when I saw the Q2 was made in the UK because I wondered about the power supply and wall plug configurations. OMG! You folks had it all taken care of. Three different plug adapters were in the box, and the transformer works with 110 or 220 volts. I put the USA two-prong plug adapter on, and it slid right into place, and then I easily removed it to try the EU and the UK plug adapters. You thought of everything. I love the fact you made this radio portable worldwide I can take it anywhere and adapt to whatever plug is required. And all I need is a wifi net to listen. I have radio New Zealand on right now as I type this—wow, to listen to Wellington this clear here in my home in Northeastern Maryland!
I just had to let you know how neat this little radio is. I think it’s a winner. Great for a bedroom, or by the hot tub or pool, or out on the lawn, or the office. Q2 is a perfect fit anywhere you place it as long as there is wi-fi you have radio that is crystal clear from all over the world. It just staggers my imagination. What a perfect holiday gift.
Again, my thanks. I am so pleased with my Q2!